Section 3. - The Issue of Financial Sustainability of Social Services Focused on Supporting Person in his/her Social Environment

Social services are a key tool in social work. In the Czech historical context social services (including social care services) are mostly funded from public sources. The demographic transformation of our society - when more people live longer age and they need to secure from others longer care - puts on the system of financing increasing requirements. We are now facing the challenge of how to shape social services to make them sustainable and to fulfill the principles of humanism, at least at the level of the existing human rights protection in maximum efficiency of using available financial and human resources.

The section should seek answers to questions concerning the participation rate of the particular components of the society to provide adequate care for people whom we are trying to allow a dignified life in a natural environment outside of institutional care, and also aimed at finding ways and forms of care to ensure the principle of balancing economic possibilities and objectives. Inappropriate setting of methods and forms of care creates presumptions for economic unsustainability of our efforts to ensure a dignified life for people at risk of social exclusion.

(guarantor: Ing. Ivan Guman)

Hradecké dny sociální práce,
Sep 22, 2016, 12:03 AM