Section 1. - Social Services as a Tool for Supporting a Person in his/her Social Environment

Social services are the activity (or file of them) designed and implemented in order to help people in adverse social situations and actively directed towards their greater social inclusion, eventually preventing possible social exclusion. Social services can be viewed in many ways.

This section will be primary oriented on discussing:

(1) the actual effectiveness of social services due to the expected support of a person;

(2) natural human environment and how to implement social services precisely into this environment;

(3) the types of social services and their effectiveness (including comparison of field services, outpatient, residential or institutional services and community-based services);

(4) the acquisition of the state, businesses and nonprofit organizations to raise the level of quality social services;

(5) the conflict between the goal of service perceived by the user and perceived by the society;

(6) measuring the quality of social services and methods to measure quality;

(7) challenges for the social services in the future and the question of their transformation.

(guarantor: doc. Ing. Pavel Bachmann, Ph.D. a Bc. Martin Holub)

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